Krakout RE

Krakout RE 2.1.

Get ready for a new Arkanoid experience! Krakout RE is a new...

Get ready for a new Arkanoid experience! Krakout RE is a new dynamic remake of classic Krakout game that was a huge hit among ZX-Spectrum, Commadore 64, and Amiga fans.

You may be thinking that all you are getting is just a free Arkanoid download, but what you get is a game packed with action, cool 3D graphics, great original soundtrack, and 16/32 3D accelerator support.

Here is the main feature that makes this game stand out from the other Akranoid remakes - random level generator creates new levels that never repeat!

That's right - you will never be bored nor will you know what's waiting for you ahead. The level of difficulty keeps gradually increasing to eventually become "almost impossible to pass this darn level".

But if you have kids, you can select "Easy mode" and they will keep playing the game quietly for hours. This Krakout version strictly adheres to the spirit of the original game.

But that does not mean that there is nothing new. Quite the opposite, there are new types of bricks and prizes that will keep you glued to the screen.

So if you were looking for a free Arkanoid download, Krakout RE is your game. Download your copy of the game now. Game features: - Spirit of original Arkanoid game / Breakout game.

- Increasing speed and difficulty level. - Unlimited levels. - Upload your highscore with a single mouse click. - Digitized sound FX. - Authors ingame sound tracks.

- Hi-color animated graphics. - Very fun gameplay as original Arkanoid game / Breakout game. - Support for modern 3D-accelerators. Registration benefits: - Message box "Unregistered version" disappeared.

- Text "Unregistered version" disappeared. - Allow you to Save and Load games. - Store high scores on disk and post it on to internet.

- Additional Music. - Unlimited levels. - Free version upgrade. - Technical support and assistance via e-mail. If you encounter any technical problems we'll help you or give you a full refund.

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